Tuesday, 19 May 2015


19/05/2015 3:08am

thank you father for your love for me
though i am undeserving, though i have nothing
thank you father for your grace
i am forgetful, i am selfish
you remain faithful, you love wholeheartedly
i fall away time and time again
but you come each time to pull me up once more
because you are love
and with your love, i am saved

father you are holy
set apart and perfect, righteous and just
you are most creative, creation testifies
you are sovereign, you are almighty
in your hands hold everything, anything
i am but a speck, a human
sinful, common, short-sighted
open my eyes and help me see things
through your eyes

father i am a vessel
fill me with your spirit
fill me with your love
fill me with knowledge and wisdom
fill me with fear
fill me up that i may be used to fill others too

walk with me father
hold my hand and guide me to your path of righteousness
pull me back with your rod when i drift away
and teach me how to be your child

Monday, 19 January 2015

blast to the past: 2010

2010: youthful days (update: 2015 and still youthful)
a picture is worth a thousand word, so here is my final year thesis for uni
(thousand word. word word word word word word word)

jkjk.. decided to check some privacy settings on fb and in the meantime browsed through some old photos.

SO MANY PHOTOS THO SRSLY but looking back, those sure were happy days!
 Not that they are not now, but aaaah... good times.
They didn't last very long, but it was great while it lasted!
(You don't have to get what I said. I choose not to elaborate out of pure laziness.)

 not in chronological order, but START HERE:
this is sun wu kong monkey king welcoming you to the post of the day

what an honour, capt sparrow and pebbles are here too!!
i secretly very hao lian

(birdy: what happened? HAHAHA)

i know you see a lot of faces here, but i do get rejected too

maximilo's 21st

chibi & pocoyo - friends from tinychat
too many (internet) friends

prepare to yawn