Saturday, 16 October 2010

A letter from Beverly

Guess what came into my mail the other day?

A letter from Beverly! Photobucket
Beverly's a friend I met on ICU not long ago. Photobucket
In fact, she's a malaysian residing in Finland! Cool or what?
She's a fan of ulzzangs and gyarus too. In fact, she blogs too!
Click here for her blog.
(Isn't it epic and pretty? Photobucket )

The letter is sooo cute~ Photobucket

And I have to say, her handwriting is epic.

If you do not find her handwriting crazily awesome, I call you insane.

And she got me a lovely necklace as well!


I love having penpals, but I have an ill-fate with such stuff and somehow my penpals just don't last long.

One day I'll blog about them! Photobucket
Photobucket Well.. I don't really know why that is so.
I'm not that lazy... Well okay I am.

Off I go replying!~


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