Tuesday, 14 December 2010

learn to make plans!

my sis is back!

haven't really taken a picture of her yet to show that she's doing well.

she's asleep now, so let's do it. Photobucket

honestly she looks better than me awake or asleep..

what else can i do?

de-beautify her?

i tried..
stupid camera cant catch it but if you pull the picture closer to her face, she looks hotter than ever.

i guess this is a revenge for what she did to my face.'


i don't know where i saw/read this from but i know someone said
you should make plans for your future! (it helps someway or another!)

kk i know you're like what type of quote is that.

i'll tell you wha-


So I decided to make plans for myself till I'll be leaving Singapore!

1. Earn money (Get a job Photobucket )

Cus' relatively if I don't have money the holidays are useless (and i can't shop and watch movies and have fun) and I'd be a crazy freak waiting for the next episodes of fugitive, msoan and secret garden. Then I would get fat and die.
2. Shop for pretty clothes and stuff Photobucket

This will always be on my list. If I don't I won't go out anymore cus I need pretty clothes and pretty stuff to prettify myself.

3. Cosplay.

I've been wanting to cosplay since i was (I'm still young?! LOL)
And I guess these are the things I've always wanted to do so lets just put it in the list.
Who do you think I match? Pedobear?


4. change my hair colour (again?!)

i don't know if this is just some thing people with coloured hair like to do.
it's like once you change a colour you want to change it again.
i saw this pic of like pink roots till like the middle of the bangs, and then blonde all the way down..
doesn't it seem nice?
never mind.. i should stop thinking so much.

So what do you think?

Let's try to accomplish 3 out of 4.


Or maybe just 1.

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