Thursday, 27 January 2011


that's right.. i'm leaving tomorrow and i have to say i don't know what i'm feeling..

lost? i don't know..
i'm about done with packing.. i don't know either. hopefully.
i'm pretty sure my mind is messed up but heck that anyway~

well i'll be honest and tell you i didn't spend my time very wisely, more like blindly. Photobucket
i'm pretty sure i'm not prepared and i don't care shit so yeah that's how it is..
not much happened these few days too, anyway..

pang, kenaina and siong (friends) had come to singapore and kekeke idk.. YAY!

cept well i'm leaving tomorrow but it's fine, i'll meet them in Perth..

my nose is my best asset trololololol

went to the garden upupup at orchard central~

and there are many intimiate couples there i have to say.
cover our eyes and sing some songs while walking there alright~
(spot the two heads behind my sis? LOL)

what else.. hm..

today i went out with jing after her work!

dongdaemun seoul street food omnomnomnom

she works at ion so while we were going out we met yi lin, kenaina and siong and sephora!

so coincidental eh!

and a buncha school boys with weird uniforms LOL

then of course objective of the day was karaoke~

pretty worth it, at kbox - 6SGD per person from 2-7pm of nonstop karaoke with a drink of your choice + a bowl of snacks!
but we went there at like 6pm so it was just one hour Photobucket

the menu thing is like touch thing kekeke

hardcore karaoke baby!

and of course we finished since it's only one hour -.-
tada, here's what we bought for the day!

k-palette eyeliner, face roller, beanie, bbcream
nice huh, she requested her face too

and there's mine..
ear muffs, za two way foundation and the same bbcream sample jing got but the pink ver (which is moisturising while hers is whitening plus blablaidunno)


forgot to show the jacket i bought at uniqlo the other day~
original price 29.90, now 19.90!
it's the furry comfy type!
here's jing.. snuggling it trolololol

and us playing with the headstuff LOLOLOL

sorry this is so random but i never knew 98.7 was at scape lmao!


so like as girly as we can be we played with the stuff we had in the toilet LOL
i didnt bother putting on eyeliner or whatev cus idk.. i find it weird..
i tested the stuff on my hand instead =___=


i made jing try out the fake eyelashes given with the eyeliner on one eye.

looks like as if she added extra liner in the pic though wth LOL

our dinner is best fries forever~ ekekekeke
i cba to rotate the pic cus i rotated it wrongly have fun tilting your heads!~

by then i suppose we had nothing to do so jing left and i went to find (or harrass) yilin, siong and kenaina's family~
they were having dinner at crystal jade.. costly~ ( never going back with friends after the xiaolongbao experience!)

i only bothered taking pics of food in front of me cus i felt bad since i didnt pay or whatever LOL)

I don't know i don't know~

my sis eventually came too~

all i did was kinda say hi to them tho.. le sigh ToT

like after that all we did was eat more snacks and go home..

like how i'm sitting on the floor eatin mah croquette..

anyway it's already 6.50 am of the day i am supposed to leave aka thursday, imma go sleep now!

imma end the post with my bootiful asset

does it attract you? at least it attracts my gay princess <3


Anonymous said...

Look like you had some fun ;D


Anonymous said...

ur amazing again lol hahah.
looks like a fun day! ^0^ the food looks yumm..

Dolce♥Bunny said...

LOL! you make the craziest faces girl! You're so funny ><
Dong Dea Mooon!! When i visited Korea, I went there and shopped like crazy!! miss there .... love you blog girl!!