Sunday, 13 February 2011


life in perth is boring. all you do is eat and sleep.

i mean it, there's plenty of good food here (which aren't all that cheap either) and besides that there's nothing much to do.

well, you could go shop around for good deals once in a while..
like five dollar oxfords in cotton on!

or well, i don't really know.
in the boarding house, there are usually events held on the weekends~
the boarders went for a pool party and adventure world last weekend!
(sadly i wasn't there QQ)

but who cares, i went for iceskating!

apparently before we left ebony and i have nothing better to do than to doll up TROLOLOLOL

being girly is good fun. bwahahahah.

the bus to cockburn ice arena takes like 30-40 minutes, which is pretty stupid.
i mean like DUDE WHY IS IT SO FAR AWAY??
there wasn't much pictures i could take in a bus anyway.

Take my word seriously, the arena is hella freezing cold.

So if you dress up like this, you'd prolly freeze to the shieeeet!
(and yes, i suppose she did freeze and in the end took my jacket LOL)

and another thing i realised is that all the outings the boarding house hold are held together with other boarding schools, so it won't be just your own school in the rink, but the other schools too.


But it was fun, even though ice skating is pretty much just running on ice rounds and rounds..
And when we have nothing better to do, take pictures of ourselves.



(Yes, she was screaming LOL)

There were so many guys though, I don't know where the heck they appeared from.

But well, it all went pretty peaceful.

So i guess that's good. PEACE OUT!
loljk high five.

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