Monday, 11 April 2011


im in school now.. meh

anyway let's pretend it's saturday..

there was an easter egg hunt! :D

i didn't play but well, i did prepare 8D

so like we had 7000 eggs, i mean 7000!

they were put in 3 boxes and i carried one of them. since they were all small innocent easter eggs i was thinking they were light but no, i think i died asudiasjdasf

My box OTL

THE THREE HEAVY BOXES! (i still think mine was the heaviest)

random eh


anyway so i was one of the people placing the eggs at the hunting corners, and for my corner it was for kids 2-4~

so we just placed them in obvious places..

but there were like only 3 places for the 7000 eggs and so you can imagine how many eggs we have in one small corner of the park..

The eggs were obviously everywhere asiofsagfjsddp

MORE EGGSSSSS (see those packets lmao)

there were other things to do at the park too, such as the story of easter..

bouncy castle (lol revising on how awesome it is)

face painting wheeee

little picnics..

stations to learn about what jesus has done
(this station has tonsa bread - to learn about the last supper!)

making baskets! wheee easter eggs

random puppet shows! kekeke~


prizes for the egg hunt, oooh lala

anyway about an hour and a half of placing the eggs at their places, half of them melted in the sun..

Yep.. these are all the melted eggs OTL

But we didn't wanna waste them, so we took a buncha bread from the last supper station and..

omnomnomnomnom better than nutella

though some eggs just can't be saved QQ

anyway blablabla the hunt begins!

i think half of the eggs were stepped on..

well kids got to exchange their melted eggs for new ones.. which is pretty good
(exactly how many eggs are there?!)

ooh all the kids..
nope pedobear wasnt there

more cute kids..

and another cute kid

and the cutest kid..



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