Monday, 13 June 2011

blue hair

i dyed my hair for three freaking times last week. NO MORE YARRRR!
so it began with my boring red-faded hair. 
RIP to that hair on Thursday. mhm.

 If you guys know me you know I don't like salons... DIY!!! WHOOOPPPP DA LOOOP

 DIY clothes too..

So on the first day I dyed it it became like this..
And because I love myself I shall post another picture of myself.
lal. hey baby.

then i bleached it again and...
 here's the prettiest picture of me!
loljk i don't know where my other pics went T_T trust me... it doesn't look that bad!

then because of the sad reality of life my head of year reprimanded me and demanded me to dye my hair colour darker cus BLONDE ISN'T FREAKING NATURAL.
racist. racist. racist!

so i did. i'm a good kid. come on.
to do some awesome advertising i used liese. heh.
wanna see the results?
ash brown hair.. and..
blue fringe and roots.
cool? yes fo defo.

and my head of year found it much better.

obv. i had to change the hair colour again anyway. so my dad sent me to a salon on the weekend. QQ

-random mustache picture as you get excited for my current hair colour-

so as for my current hair...
tada. lol. 130 dollars gone from dying it in a salon. 
nothing amazing. but oh well. :(
jk im a bear
Boo now go away. You're scared of me.


just Jennifer :3 said...

hahaha how awesome xD love the hair you have now ;D but i think blond looks cute as well :3 i love hair dye stories woohoo!~ cuz my hair is "dying" as well lol.

kimmiie.girl said...

LOL I swear I love your posts! They're so funny! XD