Monday, 25 July 2011


it's 4.31 am. was gonna sleeep.
but i decided to blog. i'll blame the reason on sofija.

met up with jaws on saturday for lunch!

hehehe, me, sabrina, karina

we were waiting for wan lin so i sat on the floor and they claimed i look like a beggar..

then we told karina to change into a dress so we went in the toilet.. on the way i tied their hair LOL

 i'd say you wouldn't be surprised cus it's the only fancy hairstyle i can do.

goodness knows why but both of them decided to go eat buffet.
i reckon they forgot we were poor students. but still we went!
it wasn't that interesting, honestly :L

 yummy tofu..

my first plate..
(and on in went with my second and third. then i stopped cus i tbt)

 right after i sat on my seat, i dropped my noodles and tofu -.-
and lol look at the sashimi



wanna date me...

and yes fyi wan lin arrived

caught on camera?

you don't wanna know what's inside. like cheesecake.

after we finished eating (which i felt was most defo not worth it but anyway)
we went to cineleisure again, to take neoprints LOL

i forgot to take pictures of the neoprints and cba but well here's a group photo!!

sabrina being a ninja..


we then went to scape since it was just next door~ and there was a flea lal


catching the perfect moments..

+ it was pretty funny how there was a whole store just for peeps to play games inside LOL

+ random shot

oh yeahhhh

after that i met nicole~ and the first place we went to was the arcade lol..

are you aiming what i'm aiming? that dumbass doraemon? YES!

go for it jodie..
(obv this pic is taken by someone who doesn't know my cam well :P but oh well)


and we got it. yaaay.

later we met a money bag..

and a random street performer..

and here's er a.. tourist photo?

 here come's my favourite..


we got free spray on tattoos too, in the celebration of the coming ndp!

by then it was like 8+pm or so.. so we went back..
and well my camera got spammed by nicole's face..

had pudding milk tea, treated by nicole hehehe

and steak for dinner. 11.90. :P + gst and service charge = $14 ._.

it was actually sizzling LOL


Nicole still eating hers..


anyway, after so we went back home (to my house) and did random shizzo..
and slept.

woke up late and the rest of my morning went kaboom.
now it's 5.04am and i think i should sleep, going out with my grandpa for lunch bwahahaha.


Saturday, 23 July 2011



don't know how to start a post about 'wise quote of the day'?

there we go..
Photobucket very touching indeed..

ok i'll start now. today i woke up at 2pm LOL then i realised i had to reach orchard at 3pm and obv for a slowpoke like me.. it's possible
Photobucket i'm kidding.
it's not.
anywho, i reached there at about 3.20pm and i'm like DEERPP i'm twenty minutes late.. who knew vernice came only after an hour
so i spent my time by buying froyo, playing iPad games in the apple store, buying starbucks and walking around concierges to get battery chargers for my dying phone.
anyway blablabla finally vernice arrives~

beautiful girl... mhm

the first place she wanted to go was kinokuniya so she could buy popteen...
rich kid


blur escalator picture.. cus we were at the end and i'm just a failure
(p.s: like my ring? the main point was my drink but oh well.)

then we met our close friends in wisma atria..
they are quite famous, y'know..

omg.. hai guyz


i don't know what i was trying to take..

it was funny though, we were like just walking around when vernice suddenly stopped to take pictures LOL
so i copied her.


super random but blablabla somehow time flew from us doing nothing and it was dinner time..

i bought scissors cut curry rice! i was longing for it for so long but i think the standard dropped a lot

it sucked kthx

and vernice bought ermmm
 that. LOL
i think from that picture you can tell she is quite a camwhore.
and if you can't..

 i hope you can tell now..
and in case you're wondering what she was posing with..

I bought a yellow one.. But that idiot didn't upload her pictures so I can't show my bootiful face.
so it's just the peeps. meh..

 ok random moment.

 let's continue..
 with another random moment.

lol ok ok ok i'm done no more randomness..

after that we took neoprints at cineleisure :D

 lolol @ the bottom left one, i wrote it without thinking..
but if you bothered thinking that what i wrote is "today is friday",
i can't help thinking of an annoying song..

and like i bought some stuff from scape and cineleisure!

like this pair of shorts for five bucks.. ftw

and these hairbands for two bucks each.. happy

 i tried taking pictures with vernice for like a dozen times, i'm serious..



 actually just twice.. derp..

at least the polaroid one turned out well..

 well yeah anyway after that vernice was like OMGISOTIREDHAVEMERCYONMELETMEGOHOME..
okay she didn't say that but you get the point :(
so she went home...

 random shot..

 and i took this pic just to say..

 after that i went to meet with my parents and we had supper, mehehehehh...


 cba posting the random food~

and well, i wore the notactualgeo bambi brown today :o

 blur pic from my phone LOLOLOL

it does look alike, i must say....
vernice has better pics but that idiot just doesn't upload her pics -.-
das her blog if you wanna stalk her lal