Thursday, 21 July 2011


met up with jing the other day, obviously

okay i guess it's not that obvious but anyway!
we only hung out for two hours and all we did was eat.. well most of the time.
the only thing i bought was a bow lal
u liek it lol, i know Photobucket

and i (finally) had yakun today, cus i had to wake up early to have brekkie with renee..

boiled eggs!!

after that, i met trixie! trixie from suc!

random shot derp

we walked around ion for like 93842304230 times and we ended up eating curry chicken rice Photobucket
trixie with her food~ so cute!

and oyster omelette.. yummy ~

we took neoprints too~
this was the annoying part, cus the dumb machine's timer DID NOT STOPPPP!
le fu~
and that explains the half-complete pictures =D=

fyi, there'll be tonsa stuff coming to my house this week, i suppose i overshopped online.. derp. but ya. whooop!

okay and i shall end off by a random gif.
 and this gif shows the fact that

this can happen.

btw, whoever this stalker is, do you like the new blogskin?
comment or dieee


nJenniferr ~ said...

Gaaah i love your new blogskin and your header is hilarious xD but cutee yahh :'3 and yourr gifs are damn awesome rofl xD wish i could make something like that lol xD

Jodie said...

that's good c:
and hahaha u liekkkk, das goood :)