Tuesday, 19 July 2011

seven people on two beds

ehe. i'm bad with titles. but this time this blog title makes sense.
seven people on two beds.
okay so if you guys know me and have had a 'sleepover' with me you know it always fails.
i mean, the last time i had one i was just busy using the laptop and abandoned my poor friend Q_Q

anyway, i first met up with shiyun and walked around bugis for hours with non-stop eating~

Photobucket even though shiyun grew... she still looks small. so cute!

anyway we had dinner after that, when everyone else came..
we.. okay i.. wanted to go to this ubercheap restaurant to eat..
but the queue was long so.. food court's the way to go!

 chicken riceee

 pepper lunch! 


yumyum in my tumtum.. Photobucket
anyways after that we took neoprints!

"comb your hair.."

wheehooo! finished. it's so cheap.. $1.60 per person, since we have so many people LOL
so we ended up taking two neoprints, but i don't have the other pic with me anyway
Vain asses..
LOL camwhores hurhurhur
i mean it.. camwhores

the things we do in the train..
anyway so we reached compass point and we were afraid we'd get hungry at thirsty at my house so we got some drinks..
well actually i bought milk tea but i have no pictures soo..

afterwards we all got changed into home clothes and the sleepover officially began, i suppose Photobucket

truth or dare anyone? LOL

one of the dares were to draw on shiyun..
beautiful Photobucket
goodness knows what we were doing lol
hola beverly..
we also did prank calls to maccas and random people LOLOLOL good fun

ANOTHER DARE: to draw a bunny on your face without looking at the mirror with lipstick LOLOLOL

after that we left the room and headed to the swimming pool for air cus my room just has horrible ventilation and hence why i blow my nose every five seconds..
 it was about 12+ am so .. pretty darn dark..

 sorry. my blog must have my face. HAHAHAHA

anyway i requested my mum to get some supper on the way home.. and tada..
ponggol nasi lemak!! <3333

 lucille.. tsk tsk.. can't take the chilli? fail s'porean!! tsk tsk tsk! 
k jk but anyway
 then later we went to watch step up lololol
and some peeps fell asleep. hmm.

ok and i found these pictures on my camera..

anyway sleeping was hard. we slept at about 6am and like we had to squeeze on two beds..
so four slept like... horizontally on one bed, i squeezed horizontally on the second bed and two slept vertically on the second bed.
very squeezed indeed LOL
and we had to wake up at like 8am LOL kill me now x_x
most of them left by like, 11am and only gene and shiyun was left.. Q_Q lonely
 teehee, i tied shiyun's hair~
trying to put eyedrops LOL

kkk no more. i'll blog later.

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just Jennifer :3 said...

haha seemed like you had a lot of fun ;D