Tuesday, 23 August 2011


haven't blogged for ages
anyone miss me...

it's cool.
first is random pics from my ipod lal


really mummy? really now?


not much has been happening
wait i wanna see some petai

ng anyway, my mum's birthday was last saturday and my dad went back to sg to surprise her, and we made her a little something..

then on languages week there was random food sold everyday, like japanese breads on monday.. e.g melonpan?

and there's this pic that explains my life.

then blablabla there's head of the river, aka the last rowing event of the season. + the biggest one.
my crew lost. not gonna say anything bout it.

da c crew.. c for cool LOL

i love phoebe a lot.

cheerleaders.. so secksii.. loljk they are guys

pedobear's cousin, bechabear. the whole school loves.. 'her'

poor bree...
tonsa peeps got sunburnt.
thank goodness for my azn genes. yeahahhhh.

then here's saturday's dinner to end my post:

i will blog tomorrow LOLOLOLOLOL bye.

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nJenniferr ~ said...

lol at the girl the bra xD and i have missed you ^^ hehe :3