Sunday, 7 August 2011


sorry for the random title name..
as for explanation.. it's a secret.
there hasn't been much going on.. i'm just really boring aren't i?

after all, people reading this blog are just trolls and stalkers who won't even say hi
i love you too.

so some pics in the boarding house..

pampering myself..

my beauty diary!
all taken from annie. bwahahhaha..

peak and i. i'm so beautiful..

kaitlin pushing a trolley. who's in the trolley? meeee! teehee!
the things you do when you help out backstage in drama...

that's all really.
ha. ha. ha.

just kidding. bet you knew that. lal.

we had a social on friday!
a social is just a dumb thing where a girls'/boys' school invites other students of the same year from other schools of the opposite sex into like.. a.. 'party' , held by the school?
and it's held at night in some random place with like a dj playing party music and..
to simplify it, it's like a club in a school organised by the school for you to 'socialize' wth.
pretty dumb, i think schools here have no brains.
i mean, is humping people interacting? is making out with random guys interacting? okay it kinda is but NO SHIT THIS IS SHIT!

anyway, i still like the dressing up part. teehee.

my makeup.. i think i contoured my nose well. LOLJK

asian. half asian. white chick.

pre-social pictures. bwahahahah camwhores..

and a blur pic of a bunch of us..

got to see janelle during the social too.
she left for another school, but who says she couldn't come?
i mean, you pay for the damn tickets..

that idiot doesn't know how the camera works does she..

here's a clearer pic of my dress!~

that wasn't very clear.

there we go...

it's soooo annoying, everytime i wanna take a pic with annie she never cares...
i just wanna kill her sooo bad..

the heck?!

and when i take a picture of myself, she disrupts it with a slipper..

jk. i'm actually pretty cool with slippers.


there we go!

kk camwhore time go away if you don't wanna see it..

i wore my mustache ring~


u liek?

i was wearing:
bambi brown
fairydrops scandal queen mascara
missha perfect cover bb #21
random revlon lipstick
random coca cola lipgloss
random bourjouis brown eyeshadow
some brown eyeshadow from my urban decay palette
some random blushy tint from my skin79 oriental bb thingo
random mac concealer i took off annie
majolica majorca's random gold liquid liner thingo
dolly wink #5
dolly wink liquid eyeliner

that's a lot of shit..

close up yo..
lol my top lashes ~_~ cba wearing falsies above.. + sorry bad angle LOL


ze dress


tiffany watching porno

tiffany fascinated by my gloves cus she likes blair from gossip girl...

and my messy room.

btw, had rowing yesterday..
so. cold....

the end. bye!


nJenniferr ~ said...

hehe i want your mustache ringg! and aww you look so pretty ;D i likee ur dress :3

Jodie said...

Heehee :D Got it online~ And thanks <3