Wednesday, 3 August 2011


blogging with pics with my iPod again..
such low-quality pictures :\
personally reading blogs these days get more boring with such pics, I still prefer the normal camera ones!
Anyway, at least with the iPod I can take pictures in class!

This pic was pretty funny, I was like "LET'S TAKE A PIC!" during english class.
Well obviously this is an action camera and in the middle of it my teacher stared at us and hence the ceiling pics, then we were like "NAH NOT ANYMORE" then we went back to looking to the camera.. then back at the teacher as you can see from the last pic.

da DA da DA da DA
can you guess what we are doing for english?

Romeus and Ivliet....

Really boring I must say, I've got two witnesses:

and the teacher continues blabbering..

he's a nice guy though, he is...
and he's gay too. truth. not against gays, i'm serious!

there's actually a rainbow. there actually is...


so do you have HCOOCOCOCJUCICOCHCOCOCIosjdfosdfs?
yeah i do, in my baking soda.

btw, yesterday my dad came to pass me some clothes, and in the bag was some food and fruits~

how much more grateful can i get to have such a wonderful loving daddy.
though he is annoying, let's put that trait aside today..

okay now it is the time for...

My face. And my friends' faces. You get the point.

fav app 4eva


being seductive, call me baby..

we all call her jai, guessing cus peeps her can't read jia /facepalm

then i stole like (okay actually i took with her permission LAL) 6 masks from annie and i was pampering myself yesterday with one..

h0la sexy m4m4

and pics from the trip back from rowing today~

what camwhores indeed!

fyi, this is really random but here are the random stuff i find on the app store..
lol random but random, random yes random.

1. see this girl?

i was like "oh must be some random av idol" then i scrolled up and i saw the name...

chinatsu wakatsuki..


her. mhm. she is sooo amazing. full stop.
pretty funny huh..



das coool...

i'm not racist or anything but das lolfunny.
i mean it'd be equally funny as.. asiancam or.. chinesecam or.. whitecam. u kno. lal.



nJenniferr ~ said...

hehe having fun during english have youu x3 seems like you had a lot of fun ~

Jodie said...

fo shooo ;)