Monday, 1 August 2011


like. i got an. ipod touch. 32gb. happy.
blablabla, anyway i can't concentrate on my hw so i'll blog about today =v=
 i have to say my favourite app is "iface fat"... it's like pure win i tell you.
wait first a random pic.

ok continue.

 y we so secksii...

i like how there's facetime too..
 so you can watch people check themselves out..

and back to talking about the camera, i love how it doesnt have annoying snap noises (if you make its volume down ofc) so people won't know when you're taking pics..

 liek dat. o yes..

but oh well, the quality most defo can't compare with my camera.



 daddy cooked dinner..

portugese chicken..

fish roe soup

beef and tomato rice..

well we didn't have time so i brought it to school to eat..
so yeah back at the boarding house T_T

my neighbours.


les housemama

and yes, fyi in case you remember how i didn't have time for dinner..

had supper instead. gracias! keep it low, we did it after bedtime.

btw! my school internet unblocked tc, so now i can go on tinychat...and here's a random pic of ivan.

and a random fact:
my handwriting changes a lot.
e.g with the uniball 0.5 pen..

compared to me with a pencil..


okay i have homework. ciao!


nJenniferr ~ said...

HAHA wtff that iface fat app is GENIUS xD
gahh you so lucky for having a iTouch ^^ i'm still stuck with my Ipod 80Gb classis and nano :P

Jodie said...

ikr! hahaha and maaan go buy one! TwT sell the old oneees