Sunday, 25 September 2011


just gonna pretend i have an eventful life by posting a lot of boring pictures
cus that's how it works

like let's start with er brekky my sister and i made for my parents' the other day

obviously it didn't taste anything special BUT IT'S THE EFFORT, THE EFFORT!

then there's a random picture of frank and frank the tank top.

(yes the dog is frank and the shirt writes frank with a picture of frank though nobody asked but anyway!)

had icey ice..

group shot 1

group shot 2

food shot everything else


i lied it's not my house :(  4 million dorra missy!

then random pictures of birthday cards from mah pa ma and grandpa cus im foreveralone a lovable child

then there's rainbow

and my sister with the gun.. jk it's the.. camera.. pod. thing.

and we end the post with papa mama jie jie and me!


Friday, 23 September 2011

"mobile uploads"

i like looking at pictures in my blog, might as well throw in the pictures i whatsapp/kakao to people

though like, i only use my phone twice a week
sigh. let's start from today...
elizabeth xoxoxo 
da 15 dorra jacket too big 4 mee 
hot girl 
enddddd, i'll blog tomorrow.

Thursday, 22 September 2011


written this like two months ago or something what the heck
really short post, so it makes me look like I blog a lot.
so i'll just share about the random and weird events we have in schaool.
in which this one is "dress up as your favourite book character day"..
if you pay a dollar lal

guess what i was?

a bear.

in fact, here's a scary picture..

might as well entertain you with dumbledore or something

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


heh. tomorrow is a lie.

anyway. Photobucket

here's a picture from my birthday, with lots of love Photobucket

lal no party no free food sux2bu

but my mum did cook..

no petai, but it's okay Q_Q

and here's some random pictures cus i'm a boring ass



!!!! <3 <3

k nothing else is random now..
fyi the dress i was wearing is the one i bought on gmarket for like.. idk eight bucks?

there's actually a clearer pic but i reckon it's pretty awkward to have such a clear picture so :)..

and the lenses from the previous post..

there was another picture of another pair but goodness knows where that picture went
so bye.

i'll blog tomorrow, yes i will..