Wednesday, 14 September 2011


heh. tomorrow is a lie.

anyway. Photobucket

here's a picture from my birthday, with lots of love Photobucket

lal no party no free food sux2bu

but my mum did cook..

no petai, but it's okay Q_Q

and here's some random pictures cus i'm a boring ass



!!!! <3 <3

k nothing else is random now..
fyi the dress i was wearing is the one i bought on gmarket for like.. idk eight bucks?

there's actually a clearer pic but i reckon it's pretty awkward to have such a clear picture so :)..

and the lenses from the previous post..

there was another picture of another pair but goodness knows where that picture went
so bye.

i'll blog tomorrow, yes i will..


nJenniferr ~ said...

yummyy cake looks deliciouuus! <3
hopee u had a wonderful timee jodiee ;D <3

Jodie said...

nyahahaha, ya i guess i did :)