Thursday, 13 October 2011


really cba blogging but i realised my blog is dying QQ
actually i shouldn't say i cba blogging cus i tried but it's so troublesome to post pictures -_-

anyway i went to the city with kiara and annie last week~

kiara the crazy half

and you wonder why we are friends..

she's insanely nice.. every single street performer she sees she gives like two to five dollars and i reckon she forgot we were in the city where street performers were everywhere =_=

and there was one reaaally biig show and -

LOLJK HE AINT GONNA KILL HER he was just putting it somewhere or sth
but yeah it was a big show. obviously.

he didn't just juggle this but even a chainsaw.

and do all these weird things..

good job, mr. canadian.

so much for donating all our money, all we did after that was share a small box of $5 satay rice

and try on clothes we wouldn't buy..

though i did get a cheeseburger after that cus i had a friend who worked as a mystery shopper and eats maccas like 5 times a week or sth and just is sick of it, obv.

the next sunny day... i woke up and headed to go out with annie.. da dee da

tbh the sun didn't matter cus we'd just trap ourselves in the karaoke room singing songs..

well maybe it mattered a bit cus i like eating gelare on sunny days..

no.. it wasn't tuesday.. no half price :(

btw, annie is obsessed with HIMYM and bought some book called the bro code.. which is just a book filled with random facts i wouldn't follow really..

no hate on the show, i'd actually watch it cus it looks really good and shiz.. cept for the fact he hasn't met the mother yet..

p.s: i cut my hair..

nah i lied.

just somemore pics from my ipod before i go to sleep..

goodnight. :)


Yuki said...

You seem to have a lot of fun! ^o^ Singapore seems like a great place to live at~~

Jodie said...

hehehe it is cept i'm in perth now =P

Miss. Indi said...

what the heck the canadian dude's doing? lol. look's like you had a great time. i wish i can visit singapore someday :))
my blog:

princezzzz said...

funny pics :D ur blog is really original^.^im ur new follower:)

Jodie said...

goodness, i don't know! scary stuff :P i did.. not really but i'll say that anyway x)
this is australia.. but please do :)

Jodie said...

haha really? :) danke~

nJenniferr ~ said...

your hat is awesome xD