Sunday, 23 October 2011


^ can't believe i used that freaking title, i must really have no imagination..
loljk ererer what should i blog today
i'll just fill the page with some pics from last week first and then think.. Photobucket

so.. broken screens

failed eggtart baking

kitty cats

operation christmas child..


and dinner with yilin~

last but not least..

my face.

 xoxo gossip goat


Miss. Indi said...

OMG, u look so funny! :D my blog:

nJenniferr ~ said...

OMG i lolled so hard at ur gif's xD and are those churro's? * ^* DELICIOUUUSNESSS ~

Jodie said...

i kno u lurv eet <333
and ehehhe yes! they weren't very nice tho, bleeeh

Jodie said...

ahhahaha thanks <33 i'll check it out