Friday, 7 October 2011

rip stevie mah bestieee

in no way do i wanna be offensive but this picture obviously reminds me of him.
rip mah man, you were awesomeee and you will always be. not that i'll ever buy a mac for personal use, but i have an ipod. how about that? Photobucket
so what should i blog now..
well it's about time you guys meet my neighbours in the boarding house!

 and the compost column i made in the boarding house.. for school.

then you can meet some dead prawns i ate.

 from a random blue shop.

 then again you see my compost column a week later.

and my dad and his sessy mustache.

 might as well put myself in here too.

fyi guys, don't buy sportsgirl lipsticks...

 for the same price you could have bought yummy food liek dizz

 ANDDDD my iPod broke

i got a new one anyway. for fweeeeee cus that's still under warranty.


 random dough macaron2

 mustache again 3

mustache again 4

blur chicken rice 5



Aki Chai said...

Hi there! Nice blog~ New follower here~ ^^

Jodie said...

hello!! :) nice to meet you~

Anna leon said...

funny photos i love your ring *_*!

nJenniferr ~ said...

damn i really want your mustache ringg xD