Saturday, 29 October 2011

yer dawgs

i'd begin with some awesome random poopy..

lal and some inspiration for the day..

k i can start now....
comp is lagging, meh
 but yah i'll blog
 wearing fake glasses cus my eyes were red from wearing dumbass lenses i have mentioned from the prev post.
 and so you have no idea how much of a big difference glasses make, though i don't wear em actually LOLOL

anyway first some pics from my camera.
 kitty and bunny. ekekeke.

 for people who comment "i wanna go to singapore too".. i'm in perth
singapore's hot and awesome


 some dress i bought




taco rice! as learnt from here.
 it was dinner, fyi.

anyway, more pics :3
from da ipoddddzzz

life in australia: being a koala

elizabeth being awesome..

me being awesome again

 and once against the lens incident..

 check out doz sessy red eyes...

and so yeah, i had to go out today with no cons or w/e, and hence the glasses trololol

da blue sky.. LOLJK it's just camera+ and funky editing

duh driveeerrr

clearly bored passenger.
and the hairy legzzz.

anyways we went for a lil shopping today, bought a swimming costume and dress!
i got even better buys last week though, like 5 clothing items for 34.95 or sth.

anyway, some pics in da dressing room.
reminds me of salad. just saying.

the swimming costume. think these two pics were two different sizes. don't remember..
but the one with the outflow of cleavage would clearly be the smaller one =_=
(bra.. awks)

what'dya call this, ootd? lal ;)
it wasn't a plain shirt tbh, damn camera+..
it's like this:
 heh. go pink zebra stripes!
my glasses had zebra stripes on em too, behehehe. whereas my ribbon was leopard prints. pink.
omg what the heck i sound like a bimbo enough of such a convo.

some decent talk..

swimming costume from.. rip curl? idk, anyway.
original price: 89.99
got it for 39$
pricey.. but suck it up it's not bad for the price!

 from last week.. factorie sale.
4.95$ :)

some sort of high waist shorts apparently, from factorie sale..
9.95$ x_x rather pricey, but heck that..

another one, factorie sale..
4.95$, but a bit big! SIIIGHHH
i still can fit so nvm

from the same factorie sale, top i was wearing~

dress i was wearing in the dressing room trolololol, from factorie sale..
$9.95 i thiinkkk...

and last but not least..

$10, originally 129.95 or sth.
BAHA it's 4 sizes bigger but i'll do something about it.
the white stuffs are zips, but you can't see, damn..

there was like another dress i got for like ten bucks but i left it in the boarding house T_T
oh and here's a pic of the detachable collar i made some time ago..

i have a jean material one too but i didn't photograph it, so meh




nana said...

hi!! omg your blog is so funny hahaha :D I'm so happy you made taco rice cause of my blog post! although I don't see any salsa or cheese?! and I hope the meat is underneath there somewhere!! haha thanks for trying it ^^ was it any good?!

Jodie said...

tsktsk, everything is hidden inside :3 it's an underground party yo! it's awesomeeezzz, now my dad will be addicted to putting worcestshire (sp?!) sauce to everything..

Mei Jein said...

You've got a very funny & creative post :P really hillarious!
Love that pink dress! and very cute phonecase with the bunny ears!!


Tianwen Lee said...

Omg you're only 13 but you have such an awesome body!!! Jealous!

nJenniferr ~ said...

wooot i love your bought stuff!

Jodie said...

hahaha thank you =) bunnies ftw!

Jodie said...

i'm actually.. 14 now. ahahaha. time to change my info page!
i'm not skinny at all x_x oh look who's skinny! you!! jealous jealous jealousssssss

Jodie said...

teehee, oh jennifer <3333

Rindodo ♥ said...

ahaha the last pic was so funny that I giggled a bit xD

fernroro said...

lmao best gif!
and helllllllllllooooooooooooooo swimwear shoot ;D *pedoface* LOL!!

Jodie said...


Jodie said...

you knoww you love it ;) and oh yeeeehhhhh wassup gurl! ;) ;)