Sunday, 27 November 2011

boarding xmas dinnerrrr

this blog is so boring i even talk about meals....

anyway xmas is in dec and school ends at the start of dec so we kinda have dinner much eaaaaarlieeer.

and we get colourful crowns!

pretty tables

lame jokes..

and good food!

ok so i lied it was those very boring days just with more interesting tables and free crowns!

but hu da heck carez hehehh

now as usual my random poop

imman octopussszz

made this dress from a white xxl shirt hurhurhrurhurhur

back of it

playing secret santa (guardian and angel) in school :)

found this pretty so w/e

jiaaa i love you <3

some girl in the bh lol


my food stock.. jk boarding house kitchen storeroom

maria the maid
and lol it's pretty retarded but for the whole weekend my sis and i were dancing like noobs.. cus we felt fat

then eat..
like liu sa baaaooo

best stuff ever... it's so flowyyyy

and i'll end this nonsense with more food..

specifically; BEST BROWNIES EVER! (had eight, just saying..)


Saturday, 26 November 2011

it's been a while

so much to say, yet.. er. not really. heheh.

for the past few weeks not much happened but anyway;
had good homefoooood...


and pies..

spending time with my sister lal <3

and interacting with the real world with friends...

hot bebz


lotsa haircutting in the boarding house,


and yeah actually cus i have so much photos imma save it for da next post cus this post is so boring and the next post is boring and boring + boring = at least a little more interesting


Sunday, 13 November 2011


actually in the prev post i said 'i'll blog tomorrow' but all i am doing is writing this blogpost right after that blogpost
then post it the next day.

i'll start...

there was this school annual event called 'heather lamont' on friday, where students compete in all sorts of arts..

somehow that includes chess.

obv music, so here's a pic of my friend playin da flute

she backed out tho, got nervous :( SIGHHHH

there was singing too, afterall music is included.

shitty camera sucks in the dark..
singing was the scariest cus like you perform it in the school hall (like those concert halls)
then tonsa people come in and watch you and if you suck they remember you suck
in which i sucked and they would remember i sucked

and i joined poetry with a poem about my sis and i actually got a placing BUT my teacher said my handwriting was too messy and i could get my placing if i had typed it out BUT BUT BUT i read my email late so. heh. crey
Here's the poem anyway:
There is a person that I know
She is much older than me
As you would know, with age comes wisdom
And thus a wise lady is she

She and I are like a human and a fly,
I would be the fly, annoying as can be
Yet her unending love resists
My loud and crazy whizz

There are days not so perfect
Where she goes out of hand
Doing the silly or get unreasonably angry
But to me, she'll always be brand

As short and simple this poem can be
It speaks of she, my sister that is
A lady who's filled with knowledge and wisdom
But makes funny faces, going 'cheese!'
they also had cooking, heh.. the winner for the theme 'wedding cakes'..

i mean, if this didn't come first... i don't even know-

i joined the theme 'exotic asian food' lol

my petai.. which looks disgusting with gladwrap on it

then there was the concert in which i fell asleep after the end of all the competitions..

anyway after school, (my sister) was planning to walk to the city but..
we are slow lazy pigs so we decided to take the car in the end OTL

had karaoke with my sis and joash :] funfunfun
i hate how the price doubles on weekend nights :( sigh

heyy soul sisterrrr!~


keen to watch this? lmao

or would you rather see my album cover, if i ever have an album ;) ;)

anyway today my sis and i went to the beach,


obviously the "idk what i'm taking so i'll press the snap button" applies to my sister too

and yeh. a masterpiece. getting sand into my eye.

but it's okay, this picture turned out pretty nice..

and yeh i didn't bring a plastic bag to put my ipod in so i can bring it to the waters LOLOL so bam here we are leaving the place

but anywho, my sis and i didn't even swim in the beach, all we did was stay in the shore and..
try to get pushed by waves..
for a whole hour or so..
FUN! cept' for getting caught in slimy seaweed OR falling to the sand on your back

and getting sand all over your body and all the way to the pubes.. nah..

and my sis jumping and trying to get water out of her ear

then posing..

we RAAAAANNNN to church cus we were like late lololol but anywho, some pics after church

this looks like a nerd who's glad school's ended..

lal this looks cool tho, cept for her big ol' glasses

then moi. obv my sis couldn't capture the sky. it's cool.

at least this one passed!

while on the car..

meet boss!

boss just chillin on da roadz

then a pic of my sis and i on the blur front cam :|

and some authentic food from mauritus..

then me again

then my sis again

then my top again..

then i say bye again..