Sunday, 6 November 2011

ooh i feel fat

couldn't fit into my pants..

pics from my ipod~

blu-tac, good stuff..

me. even better.

tried to make cupcakes.

failed miserably..

got new pants through a junk sale in the boarding house 8)



baha so these random sales just come from boarders who don't want their items, and just put a notice anywhere seeable to make us go to wherever in the boarding house to buy their stuff and shiz.
usually they have awesome stuff, me rikey.

(like the heels from h&m for five bucks, if anyone saw that before..)

a dress i got two weeks ago for $10

btw my dad's bday is on mon, so my sis and i decorated an apron for him, since he likes to cook..


maybe a cookbook too? about all the random stuff he does to his food?

 and just a book on freddie mercury..

 now some shots of today..

 lens on one eye wth heh

 wore grey today cus it's 9gag day and so 9gaggers wear grey.
dumb thing is i didn't go out, but i'm pretty sure that's what happened to half of the bunch too..

tried cutting my sister's hair, sorry if anyone see some girl with weird hair cus i cut it hehehehe

k gonna sleep now.
imma swim with my new swimming costume whee

 (p.s: happy bday beanie, group one misses you <3)


Melina said...

love ur blog, soo cute <3 and ur so pretty, and i love how u write. so sweet and naturally and funny ^.^ I follow u now. :)

xoxo <3 Melli

Nana said...

Haha you are not fat ^ ^ Anyways nice blog <3

Jodie said...

awww thank you <3 but ooh i can feel my pants ripping *^*

Jodie said...

YAYY!! :)
thaaank you~ psst i'm ugly =D=""" thank you anyway <333

Melina said...

nooo, u have a sweet and naturally beauty, u r not at all. :o
i wish i'd look like u ahahha. :)) ♥
u r very welcome, i hope u will post new staff soon :D

♔cominica♔ said...

you're not alone dear, I feel fat too T__T

Jodie said...

psst why so nice Q_Q naw dude look at yourself man!!
i will soon ^^ heehee just saw your new post, :DD webcam shots!

Jodie said...

HAHAHA i guess it's a common sad feeling >< but you are very, very skinny!!

Aki Chai said...

Hahaha I feel fat tooo.. And you're trying to make rainbow cupcake? I did a rainbow cake before tooo! Hahahaha!

My dad loves cooking too. Hahaha!

nJenniferr ~ said...

lolll you look soo epicly in those apron pics.
and the cupcakes dont look that bad ;D gimme some hehe.

Melina said...

sry if my niceness' becoming scary. :''o
Iool, yaaah. got bored and my creativity went away like it sometimes does... x.x
oh yeahh, new posts, new stalker-food muahahw. :DDD


Mai Pang said...

liking the pictures and the apparels (:!!

CMPang x

Jodie said...

haahahah! for sure ;) ;) and QQ they are so bad :(((( oh well. i'll give you some~

Jodie said...

psst you skinny little asssssss!! and hehehehe =D you do it so nice, come and help me~

our dads can be best friends!!

Jodie said...

nah <333 and dw i have no creativity 24/7 it's rather depressing..

food. where where where!!
greetingstoyoutoo 8D hehehehehehe