Saturday, 21 January 2012


gonna start saving up money to shop.. shop for pretty items for the least.

i'm UUUUBERRRRRR inspired by eva cheung and the milk club (sofie).

(yeh das duh azn name i mentioned)

i mean are they not amazing..
not that i'd dye my hair pink, though i totally would if my school allowed it.
now i feel like changing schools but nvm. i'll just survive 4 years and then uni!

 just gonna stop dreaming and carry on with my sad life.. k it's not that sad i lurv eet k
(besides the fact that i have been stuck in my cage for two days in a row already.. loner)

and some pics of me with people to make it appear like i'm not a loner..

 (this girl is amanda. we often get pissed at one another. i think she's annoying. she thinks i'm annoying.)

 poor girl got a high fever after going out with me that day..


next day i had to go out with mah pa and ma and had nutding to wear so..

googled for 'peter pan collar blue polka dot top' or sth LOL cus that's something more attractive in my wardrobe and i just didn't know what to wear with it..

found this..

copied it..

on a side note, fanta's giving free fantas in downtown east, be it samples or one whole bottles when you play their SUREWIN game

and i got myself a new facewash

i lied, mum paid...



xixi said...

Eva C and Sofie are two of my inspirations also ! Hehehe!

Heeeeeeh, u look duh kawaii in that outfit. I also super like ur blog style! it's so damn funny to read! LOLOL

and i'm wearing i.Fairy Kirei blue. makes ur eyes look gigantic lol haha

Adriana SweetLollipop said...

Oh-MG! I want a bluse like yours! It's so cute n lovely <3 ( I love green-blue clothes <3)

O_O How many fanta flavors are? There fanta is or orange or lemon >.<

I follow you <3

My little blog

Wai said...

The top looks incredibly cute on you! Now you must let your hair grow like the model to become a model toooooo.

Nana said...

Nice outfit! ^ ^

Jodie said...

Thank you nana =3 Inspired by 'google images'

Jodie said...

I'm gonna model for JODIEWEAR SS2012 HAVENT YOU HEARD? k no.. i can't walk straight, btw. never gonna happen cus i walk with my legs going inwards and stuff hahaha

Jodie said...

Hehehe! Thanks =P I like those clothes too 8)
The fanta here has.. Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla...
Okay I'm kidding. Orange, Grape (DA BESTT) and ppeach! :D

Thank you <3 I'll have a look

Jodie said...

Hahahah high five! And thanks mann =P Thank google images LOL and is it nice to read? >< Danke danke~ I'd say it's just 'crap bunched up together' lmao

OOOOH ifairy kirei. k i'll buy that next time >:) i'm gonna have giganticozzz eyezzz

Melli said...

i hate when u dont have enaugh money to buy everything u see.-_-
next saturday i will go to DORTMUND yayyy and I will BUYBUYBUYBUY doesnt matter if im poor after..
ohhh and I LIKE that blue-white top thing!!

Jodie said...

HAHA ikr Q_Q show me whatchugonnabuy kkk <3