Friday, 13 January 2012


since i stopped from the other post.. i secretly prefer this one..
since i have most of my buys on here anyway...
(not my xmas gifts though. have i posted that? HMMM maybe not but wtv)

 but first i can start with today! aka yesterday! two days ago


 I GOT TO MEEET UPPP WITH MY PRIMARY SIX FORM TEACHER AKA BEST TEACH EVAAH (equivalent to miss khalisah my other favourite), MRS KOH!
 had a nice lunch at ma maison with her (the working lady paid), and just rambled on about life..
 e.g how being a teacher was not the most enjoyable thing, she decides to work in a museum now..
 in fact i actually really like museums..

 we also took neoprints! she hadn't taken one in years and got uber fascinated by how awesome it is now..
 still fun but funner than the old machines BHAHAHAHA!
 (after the past 3952385932502935 rejections from everybody else i went to bugis with -crey-)

 i hope the big love for neoprints will make her have her own shop after she retires..
 then i'll be da vip customerrrr

k let's carry on..
met up with steph again afterwards! (to bugis again duh)
we hardly bought anything (or so i thought), but well we actually bought a few things..
ok i mean i. i ended buying quite a few stuff cus my mum gave me mummy..

i mean money.

anyways, here's a random uh.. what'dya call.. ootda? ootada? outfit thing!!

translucent-at-the-back-top from paddy's in sydney for $10
and the high waisted pants from factorie in perth was like $9.90
goodness knows how much my owl necklace was, poor owl suffocating on my belly.. (placed it the wrong side)

i like this thing. this ootda. whatever. sharing cheap clothes make me happy..
ok it's not the cheapest SHUT UP DON'T MAKE ME SAD

i'll just show what i bought now..
oh actually no wait for it..


From today's spree:

Hairbands: 2 for $5 (4 for $10!)

Tights: $10 (2 for $18 but steph didn't wanna buy one with me :'< )

Actually-very-pretty-when-worn top: $15 (HECK!! I COULD HAVE GOTTEN IT FOR LIKE $10 AT SOME OTHER SHOP WHAT A FREAKING SCAM!)

From last week or so:

Hada labo sample or travel pack thing: $15.90

Cheapskate contact lens eye drops: $3.90 or sth idk

Biore make-up remover thing: $3.50? idk

Rings: 3 for $5, got four, do the maths yourself

From a while ago:

New maid, Yanti: Priceless! She's so nice.. I do miss Intan sometimes though >.<

Ending the post with a lil' promise from God..

As well as some things I really need to change in my lifestyle for the better..

ciao ciao~!
(p.s: can't wait for cny, i wanna buy sooo many things, new lens, new clothes..)


ClosetVoyage said...

omg you're hilarious!! Following you now ^^

Jodie said...

danke schun!! =)