Thursday, 12 January 2012

finally a post about the week

gonna quit blogging cus photos are bloody hard to upload and is driving the crap out of my bloodstream
UIEAFHDJSUIFHSDJICFIM blogger do something before i get my lawyer and sue you
*sorry guys, having period..* PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
yes, i cannot tolerate anything. get out of my way!!

anyway lemme continue i have calmed down..
i tbt (takbolehtahen;cannottakeit) blogging old stuff cus my memory is sooo bad and so i can't talk about it excitingly or anything so i'll just blog a lil about some recent er... er... not events.. just recent stuff..

where shall i start? .. maybe er bbq?

like my drawing?

korean bbq freaking costs man, or i prolly got scammed..
to correct** myself, it's my parents, not me..

(not worth it k, just saying..)

random sticker lol

then kristi..

what big eyes you have!

in fact we went to bugis and i actually got a dress there for cny but i ended up wearing it to church cus i ran out of clothes..

(after church)

$12 guys, $12..


and after church we went to bugis again and i got shoes for cny!

$25 :(
these friends of mine don't mind spending such money, so i prolly got brainwashed.
i reckon if you hang out with people that will spend less, you too will spend less.
works vice versa!!

i got another pair of shoes a week or two ago w/ my mum too, but i guess i'll be showing on cny~

went for muay thai free trials @ fight g with steph!
omg it's soooooo tiring it's worth the trial (and money if you pay for lessons, actually)
i'd go again but i don't like being dirty and sticky and smelly on public transport :'(
i don't mind though, heck that princess behaviour

also gone out with valerie for choir in school (ya going to school on our holidays..)
as well as going on our very own food fest..
here she is eating liu sa bao, for the very first time..

in fact i went out with her and another friend (fion) to bugis last week!
ok i go to bugis too much.. (p.s: i went to bugis today.)

and this is random, + i know my friends from perth don't know my blog..
but they don't know what fishballs are..

k i'm back..
i think the post is getting lengthy... (starting to learn how to shorten posts after like forever)
ciaociao~ (shall move all the other pics to another post to post the next day LOL)

*moodswing might return anytime*

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