Tuesday, 10 January 2012

i tried to make it short

goodness knows why, my posts are always so lengthy and filled with 99% pictures..
obviously nothing ever changes.

anydabadeebadoo, it appears that everyone is blogging again! so i shall keep up with the world and do so too. LOLJK i'll still be dead lol

well since i've been so mia on blogger i have soooo many pictures on my iPod and I'm in a loss of what to post really..

So excuse the randomness... We can always start with my face?
(and i know nobody ever comments but it'd be nice if someone tells me which size is better for photos..
the big one or the not so big one?!)

Then some reuniting with my fellow family..

e.g benjamin loi my brudda

or jerry my cousin and best friend

they like to walk around half nekid
of course i'm kidding please don't take me seriously.

oh wait who takes me seriously here?

well a few pics with friends just to allow people to see that i'm actually not a loner who hangs out with those boys everyday..

'hi, my name is falsies, and i'm also a friend of jodie's'

and then i carry on with fascinating things in life..
such as toy poodles..

little cabbages..

black eyed peas..

kissing my sister..

looking at my sister..

and simple lifeskills such as eating yummy bao

it's not the easiest thing. just saying.
CIAOO!! shall wake up watching running man tomoz


Melli said...

neeeww posst, :DDD
time for me *-*
Is it still warm there? ._. U lucky one. I dreamed of a white christmas, but there was only ONE day with snow so I want summer, NOWWW. Would u like to see a snow pic of last year? :)
anyways, you should mix big and small sized pics, but more big ones. :DD
oh and dont forget to take a photo with my name on your cheek, lol. jk (maybe)

greeeetinngsss from Germanyyy♥

Jodie said...

hahaha!! yes i'm in singapore so it's warm all year!
and yes i wanna see snow!! :) i've never seen it my whole entire lifeeeee

and ok, i'll mix them :D along with pictures of your name on my cheek.. hmmm~

ciao from Singaporeee <3
Jodie :)

Melli said...

lol, seriuosly? too cute. :D
ok, I will upload. damn i want christmas, I had no xmasfeeling last year. -_-
Singapore, what language to do u speak there? :)

Germany is so freaking boorrriiingg. :D

Jodie said...

haahha! yay can't wait to see it :D and lol come on~ it's not all about snow! i never had snow on xmas before! i've never even seen snow snowing from the sky before! :P we speak english and a mother tongue in singapore!
i know germany has milk rice~

Melli said...

gooo Jodie and check my cool post for you. x) milkrice is so yummy, especially with cinnamon. *-*
I can't imagine winter without snow or cold temperature, so strange for me :))
omg I want english as first language too. my fave subject. :P

nJenniferr ~ said...

you have so many funny facial expressions <3

Jodie said...

*beauutiful! <3 hahaha