Wednesday, 25 January 2012


新年快乐!!恭喜发财, 红包拿来。。。
快高长大, 学无止境, 。。。
ok nvm i fail in chinese..

i like posting stuff chronologically so (that's suchhh a lie)..
i'll spam my blog with really random gifs.. just for some movement lol

someone doesn't know how to rotate gifs Q_Q

her name is jdoie.. and that's her with her friend wan lin.

you should realise most of jodie's friends are camwhores

including jodie herself

solo shots are always fun

but it takes two people to.. make it look better

haunting youuuuuu

obviously we can't stop taking gifs LOLOLOL we just walked around the mall posing

trying out effects

learning to make faces

trying sooo hard to smile while sabrina is just liek UHHH

practice makes perfect


and it doesn't stop..

be it on the crowded escalator

or while we wait for da train

or in the train.. (where we got lots of stares at one point cus the train was packed lal)

(see the lady going like ??? behind?)

then surprises in the escalator again..

being smashed while walking

then we're waiting for trains again...

 in the train again.

and k i know you're sick of it lol BYE

p.s: nobody cares but jaws stand for Jodie kArina Wanlin Sabrina. TEEHEE


Melli said...

hahahahaha :'D
jodie theyre so funny. love your gifs! :D

fernroro said...

lol nice gifs soooooooo many to look at 8)

Jodie said...

u liek ;)

Jodie said...

<3 !! :D danke dankee glad you like it

Adri SLGau said...


I love your blog, is very funny <3

jajajajajaja, I want to share this with my friends jajajajajajaja

Jodie said...

haha really?! >u< danke jajaja, hope they don't find it too lame jajaja

LRT said...

LOLOLOLOLLL COOOOL! Seems so fun, Im gonna try it with my friends.

Jodie said...

do it do it chuuu

Amelia said...

lol you guys so funny! Can I ask what app are u using?

Sandra said...

Ha ha funny and a bit scary ;)

Joanne said...


Jodie said...

:] gif 快手!

Jodie said...

=D and uber fun to dooo!

Jodie said...


nJenniferr ~ said...

hahahaah this is soo funny xDD lol'd a lot!