Wednesday, 11 January 2012


TIME FOR SYDNEY! Photobucket

went there for an ocf (overseas christian fellowship) convention, and it was really good! the theme was 'rooted in christ' and i really learnt a lot throughout the few days of how to live a christ-filled life. but yeah it's so hard to keep that burning fire for God throughout life sometimes, especially during lazy holidays!

anyway here's just a part one~ sydney is big and beautiful..

the train is a freaking triple decker

triple the ticket price :(

triple the pictures just for the damn station!!

welcomed by a rainbow! awwww!

(being the typical tourist even fascinated by fruit stalls)

got to meet my best friend howard there..
(and k i look a bit bad here but HEY MY BEST FRIEND!)

and they sell macarons in woolworths!

and the name cokes..

fancy buildings..

oh not to forget how wise and old sydney is..

they even have flying books!

well as for why the people there can cuss so much, maybe cus the children's bedtime stories... aren't that nice.

on the bright side, there's boo!

shopping in the city is pretty costly though..

but food is pretty good!

oh look! gnomeo!


oOoOooOOooOOoOOoH... not mine :]

look at my gitsioj-

sorry guys i fell asleep. let's continue..
i wanted to say the salmon was their meal.. but anyway.

since i really am drained for the day (went shopping, met up with mah teach')..
enjoy some scenery lol

(lol@posing, but trust me we were on a hill and it was sooo high)

so i know scenery bores you out.. tbh it bores me out too..
so here's two gifs from today of yanti and i


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