Tuesday, 10 January 2012


i reckon i haven't been blogging since i really cba blogging about old stuff so i shall dump some really old stuff so i can carry on to not-so-old stuff and.. ya you get me?

well let's start with burgers..

then we continue the food chain with 50 cents vegemite chips..
bet it's 50 cents cus the aussies got sick of vegemite after a while.. LOLJK it's alright..

and then the bicycle and i cus i'm proud to say that one of the things accomplished in 2011 is to ride a bicycle.

look at this place iasofjsidfj

and a really bo liao (nothing to do, boring) picture of my dad

and his moustache and mole.


by the way, i know this is really sad but..

pictures of me and my ex..

oh well who cares about him i have tom...

then suddenly comes dinner,
i know right...

spanish? i don't know but me no gusta :(
epic lighting by daddy's iphone

AAANDDD we're almost done with very old crap cus i shall move on to THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

i was so excited i grew a beard

watched red dog.. i crey man i crey

but it's not like a superawesome movie, it's alright :S

there was a farewell party for people leaving my year later that night..

casually putting eyeliner in front of everybody,  since it came off when i jumped into the pool..

to my dearest sister, i love you..

some more random poop

some ballz


idk what we were trying to do tbh..

next time.



Wai said...

Jodie ni hen piao liang. - Wai

Jodie said...

Wa ni jiao ah ma piao liang wo hen kai xin~ p.s wo hen xiang ni!!

Melli said...

ur welcome ^^
hehe that would be so cool. ;) oh sure, snow is such brilliant tasting stuff.
ok no, it's kinda dirty with all dust of the air in it, idk. >-<
so cute, snowangels :D Haven't made one for 1 year.
gonna sleep now. xoxo :*

nJenniferr ~ said...

epic post is epic.

Jodie said...

lol jenniferrrrr!

Jodie said...

LOL i suppose it'd be pretty dirty unless you're up in da mountainsss! haven't made snow angels my whole life! night :)