Tuesday, 3 January 2012

throwing in some pictures to keep this alive

got a new computer, so there's technically like nothing at all inside..
PLUS since my camera is downdowndown I really don't have many pictures at all!

I could just use the other laptop next to me but just because I don't want to, I shall not!
I'll just give a little skip to all that previous jazz and show newer pictures for now..

first some abercrombie ones. i can't help it! they are the only few pictures i actually have in this thing..
 i call this guy jerry, my make-believe cousin.


then there's ben, my bro..

 freaking asian smiles, that's why he's my bro

 then my boyfriend tom. ngehehehehehe

rest assure you somehow these boys look horrible (hey i look bad too, must be the polaroid) on these polaroids. LIKE LOOK AT HOW CUTE TOM ACTUALLY IS

 there's a hot girl behind him omg

well as for more pictures.. some pictures with jing..


she got the eyeliners for like ten dollars each from majolica majorca and the pencil eyeliner was like fourteen bucks cus watsons was on sale that day. good buy or what! i got the brown liner too.. and as for the lens, some stuff we got ages ago but i only handed to her like.. that day.

hey sexy

i had to feed the hungry puppy..


click for gif

being attractive

then there's codee..

 define beauty?
be back in a sec! hurheeehur
btw, happy new year!


nJenniferr ~ said...

happy super belated new year miss cheeky <3

Jodie said...

you too beautifulll :P