Saturday, 25 February 2012

i'm attractive

i did not put these up did i, but i am not a dual personality..
i missed out one more..
 erm supposedly some mexican skull but the painters aren't the best..

 anyway, more pics on the boarders' weekend!

 whole bunch of red elmos!


 jia qi..

 there was also cookie monster, big bird..

and da grouchzzz

reckon elmo looked best <3

but i shan't be biased and try to post pics of other groups lal

and if anyone liked me as a hobo..

hey babe

and here are some shots of sunday before i jump into my bed.
ok i need to drink water first but anyway.

anyone saw the floating person in between?


sweeter :D

sweetest. k.

and feel free to check out the other face paintings..


(just had to say: that eye failed)

*a donkey and a rainbow*

annie and her mask...

p.s.: the cotton candy man was really popular that day.
there's actually 1000000 shots of him with peeps in my cam but i reckon that is unnecessary wastage of space.

and well..

that was how i spent last weekend..

and look at dat popular meee i got four mails with mah name -crey-

i don't ever get letters, really.
plus i expected the mail to come. 3 of them were things i ordered, black letter was a party invite..

show ya next time xoxo

Sunday, 19 February 2012

latest updates

i'm having a dual personality of elmo-hobo


which one do you like more?

on a side note, i wasn't playing dress up with myself..

i mean, look there's a blue person!

and a neeerdddd

plus a red companion. (can you figure out the theme?)

some sassy red legs for yuuu xx

anyway, two updates.

1. have a great vday

mine was great. like any other ordinary day.

2. got spikes, but nothing to spike


3. i'm tired
but here are my friends betty and mary


Sunday, 12 February 2012


i'm soo dead again~

feel dead as well..

i'll just throw in a pic or two..

heh ok maybe a bit too short


now i say bye~