Sunday, 19 February 2012

latest updates

i'm having a dual personality of elmo-hobo


which one do you like more?

on a side note, i wasn't playing dress up with myself..

i mean, look there's a blue person!

and a neeerdddd

plus a red companion. (can you figure out the theme?)

some sassy red legs for yuuu xx

anyway, two updates.

1. have a great vday

mine was great. like any other ordinary day.

2. got spikes, but nothing to spike


3. i'm tired
but here are my friends betty and mary



Arrow said...

ahahaa ur makeovers crack me up!

Melli said...

oooommmggg u have a foreveralone tshirt WAW i want too. ~_~
I love your red style, absolutely inspiring jodie, lovelove.

see you♥

Yue Moon said...

OMG!!!! i love your gif, your pic are so funny ^v^

i fallow you... kisses from Argentina ♥

Jodie said...

glad you like it <3

Jodie said...

HAHAHA my friend gave it to me :P thanks, i was in an elmo group in school so i had to go all red =P cyaaa melli~

Jodie said...

glad you like it ;) ;) hello argentina <3