Saturday, 31 March 2012

i should be making itineraries now but... three days in sg

About the title; i make an itinerary for a day everyday in japan!
(and at the moment i guarantee they don't work out at all.. 100% OF UNSUCCESSFULNESS.)

Anyway iusfhsdfsudhf i haven't been managing time very well these days (I'D SAY I HAVE NO TIME BUT A RECENT TALK BY THIS WOMAN SAYS THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS NO TIME; ONLY BAD TIME MANAGEMENT) so it's been hard to blog.

Not a single day did I not sleep before 1am, poor me.. Poor jodie!!

ANYWAY here's a dillllleeemmaaaa idk what to blog :|

Well three pictures to sum up the three days in Singapore.
(Actually there's more than that but I'm just using whatever I have on my camera cus I'm a lazy bumbum)
Did daiso shopping alone (hell yeah, went out near the city just chillin for hours alone cus i can) and bought awesome shizzo hehehehe look this is two bucks

survived a night with nicole LOLJK but hehehehe got to see nicole the day i came back <3333

did rubbish and all that... (my camp shirt and the skirt is a purely coincidental erm... match)
and now i have four days of japan to blog.

oh well i'll go with day one cus it's not that exciting.. or so i hope

actually i don't wanna drag my post anymore. ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER DAY

(omg look positive end to a blog post)


koze said...

I always think you could not look more ridiculous in your photos and yet each time I see new ones, you prove me wrong. Very amusing though. Nice to see you're doing well. I just checked my imvu page for the first time in about a year or two, only for business reasons. Saw your message. Scumbag IMVU won't let me message you unless I login to the 3D chat. I might be studying in Japan for a while in the near future so maybe I'll bump into you sometime if you're in Japan again in the future. You're always so lively, Jodi. とても元気ですね。Hope you have an enjoyable weekend. -Koze

Nana said...

Your pictures are entertaining to look at! :D The diaso stuff is nice!

Wai said...

Whaaaaat, you were at Japan?!

Jodie said...

still am and will be till mid-july!

Jodie said...

hahahaha i hope it is =) haha it is, two dorra baby!

Jodie said...

KOZE!! rong tiem no see! oh gosh! it's been ages. probably like three years since we had a decent chat together =) damn imvu lol! oh well, it's easier to message and reply here anyway - though i doubt you'd receive my reply.
awesome! i will probably be going there again next year in september or something for a month =D

see you again! keep messaging every like gazillion years. hahaha! take care <3

Wai said...

What are you doing in Japan? Internship? o_o

Jodie said...

hahaha why would i bother internship in japan?!?!?!
exchange ^^

Wai said...

O_O! Awesomeeee.