Tuesday, 27 March 2012

what's on replayyy

long time no see world
lololol not that anybody reads this anymore but w/e
smiley crap for ya :D

i'm actually in japan now!
i drafted this a few days ago but never bothered erm typing crap out; just got some old pics..

of things i wanna say.
1. I will miss you jie jie!

2. My hair is now black
(But with common sense you can see I do not have black hair here; this picture is a lie.)

3. I'll miss MLC and I'll miss everyone in it <3
Special mentions, probs too many; but here's a picture of life in school.. You get a rainbow face


4. I hope I don't grow that many pimples while I'm away
Though it is always a blessing in disguise; I love squeezing and admiring how beautiful my pimples are...

5. Random fact but while I was in Singapore for the past two days I lost three kilograms.
And no I wasn't even dieting or whatever much I had ponggol nasi lemak before I slept and chilli and butter crab the next day and nasi padang on the last day omg heaven

6. I finally meet my creepers; and the fact that their two sizes bigger CUS I ORDERED MENS' 9 NOT WOMENS' RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Because I am born of fail I continue to put insoles of the wrong size (40 when the shoe is 41) and have survived a day of walking with it!!
Problem is cus it's so big it keeps hitting my erm idk what that part is called erm the front of your foot erm yeah there and OMG IT HURTS LIKE YOUR BUTT AFTER POOPING A LOT

7. Trying to waste space...

I think I'll just grab my camera from upstairs and upload pics earlier and like schedule future posts cus as a good kid I'd like to do homework for the next few days before I meet my host family!

ANYWAY GUYS OMG HECK FUTURE POSTS I'LL TELL YOU NOW (who is guys?? why do i think people read and would respond? /foreveralone)

I got a japanese phone today and erm it sucks cus I can't surf the net but I can use my e-mail (cus everyone here e-mails) so YEEE E-MAIL ME INSTEAD CUS I DON'T HAVE WI-FI FOR HALF MY LIFE HERE ON MY iPOD!

i'll reply you like i message cus i get it as a message lol but er ya what i don't remember.
muack muack muack


courtleee said...

I READ IT HIHIYAY how long are you in japan for

Jodie said...

three months bbgirl!!

nJenniferr ~ said...

WHATT your 3 months in JAPAN now? .__. are you gonna live there? ;o
SOO jelous SHIETT why is everyone living or going to Japan DAMN FML xD