Saturday, 30 June 2012

sweets paradise

one more day of finals.. on monday!
which is so annoying cus clearly life would be ten times better for things to end on friday, just because..
(and i haven't done much at all during this time Q_Q)

anyways, friends and i decided to go for a buffet [just casually..] at sweets paradise after school~
plus since it's the test period school ends earlier, yay!


ARGH shadows

azuma & timpani rode on a bike to the mall

and dundun!! sweets paradise!
I was expecting all sorts of cakes and bla bla but they have normal rice and all as well..

It was 1480 yen and since it was friday the money was only worth 70 minutes of buffeting..
Though I reckon that's actually long enough!

Pretty colourful. Not much people at all.
Buffet area isn't humongous as well, but there's quite a lot of food I guess..

Here comes round 1...
Spaghetti spaghetti rice rice rice croissant croissant

Trying to take a group shot.. Doesn't work very well hey
Ended up with this..



Decided to try the sweets from sweets paradise next..

.... meh
it's meh
i like their pasta and soup and rice better hehehe
they do have froyo as well! that was good

azuma's second

timpani's hahahaha


an update on the plates..
(notice azuma's new plate of food behind)


i just felt like trying some mochi and jelly so yeah..
then i really liked the dry curry rice so i took more of that as well.
like.. two spoons..

the black jelly was actually erm coffee jelly so IDSFJSIFJD IT WAS DISGUSTING
green and white mochi was meh ok..
and warabimochi was... depressingly not that nice.

oshiri again

decided to go back to the area thinking whether i should get more dessert..

but yeah, i didn't bother OTL

plate count.. increasing..

timpani's!! LOL hi carbs

"ew i don't like this" corner

tried the fondue~

curry rice! 
ok it was like.. in between the japanese and indian curry.
which was yummy~

we actually had corn soup as well, but heck it's ok you don't need to see it
though it tasted amazing sdiuifhsdifsmc

azuma's fondue bowl ahahahahhaha

kakigori! aka ice kachang!!
mine's the green one.. green tea syrup ahahha
was so tasteless though :(

anyway, through the crazy amounts of food you have seen, it's not very surprising that 70 minutes have actually passed...

well, it has..

our ticket!

*abrupt ending*
ok that's all bye i will update again in five secs...

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


meow meow howdy dowdy wassup buddiez

still having exams and crap so meh no time to blog, doing this early bahahha..

got nothing to share in life atm so... here are some pictures i took like.. three months ago or sth
i used to take pictures of my outfits like everyday but i pretty much gave up halfway.. ngeh


note: mustard leggings

note: cute socks

note nothing

you call this layering..

first day of school! loveee ze skirt


ugliest combination qq jodie cannot match

thought this was ok

going all blaaand

when i went to usj
tights from daiso, bought when i was in sg..

and eh necklace

second time using this jacket DUN DUN DUN

being batgirl


200 yen velvet skirt!! vintage
 (another way to say second hand that makes it 100 times cooler)

trying to be young..

will post more next time~~ byeee