Wednesday, 20 June 2012

around the area

so since there was a typhoon yesterday, school was cancelled..
and there wasn't much to do from that anyway...
(i mean, going shopping whilst getting blown by crazy wind and wet from weirdo rain is not the best experience, right?)

so tomoha and i decided to take a walk around the area near home :') 
so grateful! she's actually on her last year of high school and is sooo busy but decided to spend time with me -crey-

starting this post with my face cus i realised i didn't take anyone's photos throughout the day..

thought my hand was fascinating..

had pizza for lunch ehehe

anyways, heading off...

a wild boar appears!
ok actually you get to see boars everyday here cus we live near this erm.. idk thing that kinda comes all the way from the mountains..
so the boars just walk around everyday..
dw tho, clearly it's below us..

stopped by daiso!


redred!! strawberries!

got myself a hairband.. i'll show it next time!

we had actually gone to a ton of stores but i only took pictures of some things..
(clearly there were more OMGLOOKCOOL things but i kinda catch them where there's shopkeepers around, etc. so..)

i present you the stationery shop.

watermelon card!
tomoha says "just to tell it was a hot day"

cute stickers..

and japanese paper.. ijdfiosjfsif so amazing

cute stickers of maikos!

drunko cat

sleepy cat..

in another store.. saw a cute key..
k, nobody cares about my key :'(

was actually looking for a mook (been looking for it since two months ago wth)..
but clearly i've been failing, i suppose it's gone now :<


went to tsutaya as well just to have a look..
they kinda rent just like video ezy, and the one nearby our house rents for 100 yen!

must watch k! watched it back in primary school and was like.. -sob-

korean stuff

went to the drugstore as well.. idk why i even took this...
just.. body powder?

went home and helped out with making chiffon cake!
i have to say i'm not the best helper though.. sigh

panda pudding!

tomoha's shirt..

ze cake.. SO GOOD!
k it kinda failed inside cus the matcha we had put in to marble didn't work out but
it's sooo good!
like.. fuwafuwafuwafuwa
(cept for parts with matcha, oh well. that was yummy though.)


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