Wednesday, 27 June 2012


meow meow howdy dowdy wassup buddiez

still having exams and crap so meh no time to blog, doing this early bahahha..

got nothing to share in life atm so... here are some pictures i took like.. three months ago or sth
i used to take pictures of my outfits like everyday but i pretty much gave up halfway.. ngeh


note: mustard leggings

note: cute socks

note nothing

you call this layering..

first day of school! loveee ze skirt


ugliest combination qq jodie cannot match

thought this was ok

going all blaaand

when i went to usj
tights from daiso, bought when i was in sg..

and eh necklace

second time using this jacket DUN DUN DUN

being batgirl


200 yen velvet skirt!! vintage
 (another way to say second hand that makes it 100 times cooler)

trying to be young..

will post more next time~~ byeee


サラ said...

Love that last shirt ^^
I linked your blog hope it was okay, and also, I used the pics you took during lesson today :P

nJenniferr ~ said...

waaa cute outfits girl!!
DAMN that necklace.. for how much did you buy it, if i can ask? xD
cuz i want one.. but they are HELLA EXPENSIVE if i want to buy them online somewhere..
can i buy them off of you? hahaha.

Jodie said...

HAHAHA the necklace was expensive... :( :( it's kreepsville.. got it off erm angryyoungandpoor hahahaha