Monday, 25 June 2012


went to shinsaibashi with tomoha and yui yesterday!!
 hehe nice to see yui again after so long! (okay maybe like two months)
they were both exchange students in my school last year :*

chilling in the train

"i deserve a solo shot!" k jk

first store we went to was probably spinns cus.. i love spinns

but it's so expensive OTL can't afford things i want

e.g. the skirts!!

sure.. 70% off.. ALL LIESSS

kyary pamyu pamyu

sanrio gallery.. didn't go in

the gate kinda changes its colour eheh

fascinating store with a fake lion.. and um some models wearing bras behind.
... just a picture that is

bodyline!! i wanna buy the rocking horse shoes so bad!
3990 yen!!
please mummy please mummy i will try to 100 my japanese

cute cakes~~

decided to take some purikura / neoprints / sticker pictures @ sega
uifghdiuf smelled like smoke until we arrived all the way upstairs to the purikura floor!!

make up area aha


took puri twice eheh

decided to take a rest from decorating it by the second time, meow


told tomoha 'gonna take a picture of your plastic bag'
instant pose!!
jodie didn't buy anything from there cus she's a poor kid
yer trio

sign saying the floor is only for girls!
below shows how it's okay if it's just a girl, or if a boy comes with a girl..
 but no if you don't have a girl with you..
go away

USAVICH!!! so cute

tony chopper chopper?? is that his name?

tomoha and yui had some crepe outside sega..
'crepe ojisan' hahaha

then we met sonic

and last but not least.. some purikura we managed to get for free from ze machines

i have more.. it clearly doesn't end here


Aki Chai said...

Wow you're in japan now? AND I SEE TONY TONY CHOPPPPER.....

Jodie said...

I've been here for three months :X HAHAHAHA oh yes you like tony tony chopper!!

Aki Chai said...