Saturday, 16 June 2012


shall just share my day for now ~

before that, i have decided to be careful when it comes to privacy from now on and put cat heads on people.. ok?

 so much effort..

a pic of a real cat for you..

and my face.


hehehe well went to watch bunraku in the afternoon with junior high second years, english teachers and sara, the other exchange student...
it was really interesting! i shall admit to falling asleep halfway through the show for half a story but i reckon it was actually pretty good!
sadly photography is prohibited (erm duh) during the act so.. soz :(
and erm.. yeah i'm pretty sleepy atm so google what is bunraku yourself..

then decided to stop by umeda and take purikura on the way back home...
decided to try on the sailor seifuku for fun ehehehhe

i know you wanna see my face...

sara sad cus she read the future and knew i was gonna be selfish and have just one picture of her..

OK JK there's more

camwhore time ehhe

yeah sara got sick of me snapping halfway soz



proceeded to ze booth
cus school uniforms are fashionable eheh
wrong shoes argh

good kids..

(yeah, sara didn't look very happy there.. the camera isn't gonna harm you..)

guess where sara's from?
ok not letting you guess at all, she's from sweden. ehe. cool. brrrr. far away...

then went home. aha.

 (i am so blessed TT_TT to have such an amazing host mum with amazing skills dsiufihsdufhjsd everyday is so exciting every meal is so lovely!! ok this works for all the host mums i've ever had i love you all so much and all your food.. aahahahah ok that sounded like i only cared for the food. that's not it.. anyway)

in the midst..


and done!


 erm. prawns and hotate and salad. AHAHHA

yumyum in my tumtum..

k night. need to shower now aha


Adri SLGau said...

Really, I love your blog <3 It's very funny n interesting <3

I LOLed with photos hahahahahaha, U're Kawaii <3 N Purikure is love!

A little fun fan <3

Jodie said...

haha, really? you have a very unique opinion, i think it's just you who like it TT_TT but thank you anyway !! hahaha
purikura is fun =DDD