Sunday, 26 August 2012

life back in perth

is ok..

actually i feel like i'm on the verge of fainting out of fatigue lol i need to sleep more
and i just waste my time on tetris when i should really write some cards and do some work
yeah it's pretty bad...

i don't even have a life i need to shop omg eiofjsdof

anyway, some random shots from my camera throughout the past two weeks..

 nagomi and her chicken

 both of us..

 the kc girls and their hosts

 a random shot from an auntie who felt my sitting position was nice *blush*

 40 hr famine: no furniture and no technology, besides my camera...
 my mama and jiejie
 ... a zoomed in shot to see the interesting reflections
 family photo
 the mural done by subi church at the car park ooh!!
 celebrating mummy's bday..
 and a rockmelon. in my mouth. 
technically out of me now cus i pooped


Melina said...

ur still writing and that makes me so happy, remember, i love ur blog <3 :) Melli here, take care and keep blogging pls <3333

Jodie said...

:> MELLI!!!!
i will ^_^