Sunday, 16 September 2012

Life in the camera roll

Just lying on my bed typing on my iPod atm.
Here are some random instagram shots and stuff from my life... Hehehe

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this actually happened two weeks ago...
man, time flies..

anyway, to those who don't know, 
sept 5th is an amazing day as this amazing girl called jodie was born
no, it was not a sunny day 15 years later. cry.

ok lemme continue..
matching shoes!

we decided to go eat in a restaurant called ciao italia..
waited for like half an hour or so..
pissed dad
 jk he's just like wth is the cam on my face
we heard like 3 birthday songs while we were outside waiting

then yeh we got in

it's hell compacted inside lol, all the tables are like 5cm away from each other..
and 5cm is.. not very far.
ok maybe 10cm? 20cm? 30cm?

time to open daa presents~
 first prezzie was a collar from my cousins and auntie and uncle hehehe
cept' the box had my o from my jodie missing.. and the t from birthday
but that's cool!
jdie is celebrating her birhday

then a bible and a book or two from mummy and daddy..
 "oh joy"
 yeee the bible's in the dogface

smiling for the paparazzis

 hehe i have a friend

and my sis got me this red indian thingamajig and chocs whoo

idk but i learnt that i really don't care about birthdays anymore..
i mean it's good that i don't care bout mine anymore but..
i don't care about.. a lot of people's..
so it is really touching people do all these things :'( 
and um guilt tripping looollll

then the food came..

tiramisu cake came..
 but we had no candles, so...

 a forkin candle LOOOL

ciao italia is always yummy

they had interesting stuff by the cashier as we went to pay..

and this picture... was like a random pic from the boss cus he thought i wanted to take a pic of the magnet..
but then i thought he was gonna put me in the photo too and i posed...

but he didnt.
 well, hope that satisfied your nutella cravings then

i also received a package from sara! (exchange student i met)
so sweet -cry- 
thank you for the bubblegum and your letter..

and of course a dim sum treat from yi lin..
 soft shell crab

 siew mai

 yi lin..

didn't bother taking all the food lolol we had 10 dishes in total though

one of them was.. FRIED LIU SA BAO!!

it was ok. i rather have steamed ones.. they seem to flow more

and fat jodie having vegetables

k bye

Saturday, 15 September 2012


 since today has been a sad and boring and unproductive day like my every other weekend..
might as well blog about better things rather than life...

do you all have inspiration folders?
i do.. ehehehe.. i constantly save whatever crap i like into my pictures..
so if i like your face i save your face. >:)

ok jk but anyway there's tonsa random stuff inside though, from diy inspiration to lifestyle inspiration..
to cats


 spiked socks! easy diy kekeke
on a side note the shoes are also another thing to die for
ok pls dont die

 i just liked her jacket but pls dont die

 socks... where the heck do people get such amazing things from?
i hate the prints trend.. you can't really do much about it at home..

 my boyfriend the unihuman

JC's i think
 don't disagree - this is adorable
i shall also get aqua hair and have a goldfish swimming on it

 idk i just liked this

 mm flower crowns

 cute shoes

 i don't know if it's just me who just grumbled in regret for misplacing the little flower clips we all had as a kid..
this is beautiful

 eva cheung.. ok tbh the main two people in my folder is her and eriko nakao
or whatev her name was I FORGOT

 badges and cool shiz

then clothes

more flowery headbands

more jackets

cute kitty necklaces... this probs from that w/e shop i forgot its name lol

cute people with nice clothes

random things i'd buy in some shops

easy diy!! like these heh

hairstyle inspo LOLOL

earring inspo

shoe inspo

and more but.. i'll put that in another post..