Wednesday, 5 September 2012

alison turns 21

alison's birthday was actually last month ehehhe
but the party only happened last sat, so yeeeh!!
like omgyes i was invited.. ok jk maybe i wasn't probably just my sis wth i'm just the idiot who follows cus i have no friends -sob-

anyway, the theme was vintage.. my sis and i decided to go all out and buy new clothes from op shops!!
ok so they aren't new i suppose... i only got a skirt. my sis got her whole outfit. maannn oh well

we were actually 5 mins late or sth but because everyone from ocf is always late..
surprise surprise we were DA FIRST TO ARRIVEEEE

omg omg omg the presentation everything WAAAHHHH so much effort
so nice
what the heck that's why i don't have bday parties
it's.. such a blessing to be invited -sob-

for the photobooth wth

busy birthday girl

pretending to be audrey (ps my skirt was 4 bucks)

didn't take much photos, but anyway.. alison blowing her cake!
made by kaitlyn, her housemate!!

decided to dye my hair as well

u like it?? do i look like eva cheung?? or prettier??
ok nvm im sorry we were never friends im too cool for u

la polaroidz

then there's joash

and cheese sticks


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