Saturday, 15 September 2012


 since today has been a sad and boring and unproductive day like my every other weekend..
might as well blog about better things rather than life...

do you all have inspiration folders?
i do.. ehehehe.. i constantly save whatever crap i like into my pictures..
so if i like your face i save your face. >:)

ok jk but anyway there's tonsa random stuff inside though, from diy inspiration to lifestyle inspiration..
to cats


 spiked socks! easy diy kekeke
on a side note the shoes are also another thing to die for
ok pls dont die

 i just liked her jacket but pls dont die

 socks... where the heck do people get such amazing things from?
i hate the prints trend.. you can't really do much about it at home..

 my boyfriend the unihuman

JC's i think
 don't disagree - this is adorable
i shall also get aqua hair and have a goldfish swimming on it

 idk i just liked this

 mm flower crowns

 cute shoes

 i don't know if it's just me who just grumbled in regret for misplacing the little flower clips we all had as a kid..
this is beautiful

 eva cheung.. ok tbh the main two people in my folder is her and eriko nakao
or whatev her name was I FORGOT

 badges and cool shiz

then clothes

more flowery headbands

more jackets

cute kitty necklaces... this probs from that w/e shop i forgot its name lol

cute people with nice clothes

random things i'd buy in some shops

easy diy!! like these heh

hairstyle inspo LOLOL

earring inspo

shoe inspo

and more but.. i'll put that in another post..



melli said...

omfgg jodieee <3 this fucking amazing shit u post there is exactly the style i LOVE O-O omgomgomgTumblr whoreeees *_* This saturday started totally boring and u made my day, I just love your blog infinityyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Jodie said...

glad u like it :> tumblr is alright i guess... things i do to kill time lolololol!! im glad it helped give a little boost to your day! go have a bicycle ride... or shop omg haven't done that in 3 months