Monday, 15 October 2012

found you!

found some pictures in my photobooth...

as you can tell from the dates, they're pretty old. 
but yeah.. enjoy!!

birdy and i

my eyes

hello world

ho ying's actually holding a picture of cheryl and jerry and me lool

pfft what is this..


then there's jiaqi...
gosh this is a bit scary

idk... what is this

a bit scary eh

nicole fong ahhahaha

and more of my eyes..

ok first day of school tomorrow yay how exciting =_= time to pack my bags.. in 15 mins

Monday, 8 October 2012

i'll study afterwards

umm crap it's already 4.30 as i start this post

more inspirational pictures 4 da world!!
i promise i'll do my notes after this

ponies whee

amo from amoyamo


talk about hip!!


she looks like lady gaga but she probs isn't lol

lovely cats

rollerblades omgomgomg

the other time i wanted a bag like this my mama just told me off u_u sigh

how cool is dizzz

cool shoes
platform is da bomb
not to forget wildfox x jeffrey campbell's ballerina shoes

i thought 'one day i will diy this' but clearly it's not easy

cute cute cute

this is alright

pls dont be my fantasy

cool shoess

is the middle girl molesting the other two?

from creepyyeha's tumblr i think
kyary pamyu pamyu pamyu pamyu pam.. ok

boy london
these days everybody has boy
sigh.. people from the first world

hehe sailormoon

aw man this pic is so blur

been wanting these since like the start of this year or before idk
never got it..

yin yang goodness
cara delevingne hehe
omg look at the queen


this girl has nice eyes

sailormoon's kitty??



seto ayumi!!!!


and wicked shoes


tetris is making me a pissy female puppy

tetris is so annoying

well, sorry for the lack of updates.. to my non-existent person i'm talking to..

here was my weekend in photos!
i think i'm half-recovered from my flu.. i hope
still coughing and crap

but yay i no longer feel terrible sleeping and waking up
(besides feeling that cus i sleep/wake up so late)

went to sorrento quay for lunch ytd with papa and jie jie

"come smile!! im gunna send diz 2 mummy"

 da 2 sistas
 my mum says i shouldn't wear round sunnies anymore
cus it only rounds my face even more

and the third sister called avocado-nutella-bread that was eaten up by my sis

i don't like the wind.. screwed up my hair

pretending to swim cus we were at the beach

 we walked around before we had some pizza

born this way

why do i have so many friends

i'm gonna kill myself yay

welcome to sorrento quayyyy

anyway after the suicide trip we decided to have peri peri prawn pizza at little caesars!!


my sister said we should start having a mouth collection..
what'dya think?


the pizza came!

i reckon the pizzas from the leederville branch is still da bestt

my sis (and i) were being annoyed at my dad.. who simply has an annoying nature to him
doing the most annoying things that annoys the whole world
 like clearly he's doing something retarded as she has this face..
e.g. putting two slices of pizza together and eating it like a sandwich =___________=

went back afterwards.. no we didn't swim hehehe
 i was gonna crop this pic of the beach but it never happened..


breakfast the next day

and daddy and i had pepper lunch for lunch todayyy
craving satisfied!!

forgot to take pix of dinner but nvm.

that's all for now!
i'm gonna make good use of this week to study and go out im srs
and do some diy

this reminds me.. I'LL SHARE ALL MY NEW STUFF SOON..