Monday, 8 October 2012

i'll study afterwards

umm crap it's already 4.30 as i start this post

more inspirational pictures 4 da world!!
i promise i'll do my notes after this

ponies whee

amo from amoyamo


talk about hip!!


she looks like lady gaga but she probs isn't lol

lovely cats

rollerblades omgomgomg

the other time i wanted a bag like this my mama just told me off u_u sigh

how cool is dizzz

cool shoes
platform is da bomb
not to forget wildfox x jeffrey campbell's ballerina shoes

i thought 'one day i will diy this' but clearly it's not easy

cute cute cute

this is alright

pls dont be my fantasy

cool shoess

is the middle girl molesting the other two?

from creepyyeha's tumblr i think
kyary pamyu pamyu pamyu pamyu pam.. ok

boy london
these days everybody has boy
sigh.. people from the first world

hehe sailormoon

aw man this pic is so blur

been wanting these since like the start of this year or before idk
never got it..

yin yang goodness
cara delevingne hehe
omg look at the queen


this girl has nice eyes

sailormoon's kitty??



seto ayumi!!!!


and wicked shoes


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Adri SLGau said...

Oh <3 So lovely things!