Thursday, 4 October 2012

yepa hello


why is my life so boring

anyway having hols now, hopefully i'll spend my two weeks productivelyy
been sick so yeah poor me. sigh..

pics from the past two weeks for all of you
had some river cruise
my 17 dollars and friday night gone like that

talk about socialising.. i can't socialise

then nothing much on the weekend..

wad is diz chickenzilla??

no it's food HAH

went to a friend's grad

had dinner with the my japanese language class

went to the perth royal show..
silly bev spent 20 dollars on this crap haha oh gosh

mm harvey

never knew they did cheese

love the new packaging tho

got matching spiked caps with kathy for 20 bucks

saw cake displays

defo cats


took the nitro.. not photographed here


and robots

only bought one showbag, the my little pony one, for my friend jia!
tried on her stuff w/o permission 
sorry jia
then there was the fireworks and that was about it for the royal show

anyway im gonna go shower soon!
i hope i won't be sick for the whole hols.. and be more productive >o<


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r-huebner said...

Looks like you have a very funny life!!! :)