Monday, 7 January 2013


was gonna share a few facts on jodie as a loner but i guess i'll keep that for next time because this post seems very contradicting

i originally had the photos uploaded on the post last year (dec duh) but i never got around to go on about it..

december was packed with so many things on!! once i came back there wasn't really a chance to just stop and think..
not that i do stop and think if i had the time, i'd be doing nothing. but still!!

i managed to go for my church youth camp for like three days or something and it was really good to learn more about the youth in church.. i've been gone after my first year in the church youth group and i never really got to (or bothered to) know the people in church more.. in which is a really bad thing hahaha.. i just hope these friendships will continue growing and have roots towards God..

and erm i only had pictures of sleeping people

i got to meet up with jas the next day....

can you see my happy and excited face??

hehehehe she wasn't even posing.. right???
i could be a photographer for all these candid moments..
(so could anyone else. sigh)

we watched ah boys to men which sucked ok

i also watched the hobbit but i'd blog about that nxt timeee cus i have so many photos to share!

and yay i love my sister muack

and food

had the chance to attend val (pink one)'s cell group the other day as well! so interesting.

anyway. my family went all the way to sentosa just to have lunch in the coffee shop a few weeks ago.

here is a few snaps of 'excited' faces to show how great it was

we can be models. so natural..

the family
dysfunctional.. bonded with some sort of weird love

and similar traits

gosh i don't remember what i was gonna mention in my blogpost that's why it's so random kill me now

no don't

i bought presents for people on christmas
why don't they look happy

at least they do

what am i rambling on about... whatever bye


r-huebner said...

You always post so happy photos :)
I really enjoy looking at them!

Adri SLGau said...

True! They are very positive! That's why I love your blog <3